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Discover Istanbul Beaches on the Asian Side

Discover Istanbul Beaches on the Asian Side

Explore the hidden treasures of Istanbul’s Asian side through its enchanting beaches. From tranquil shores to vibrant coastal spots, the Asian side of Istanbul offers a unique beach experience that complements the city’s rich history and culture. Whether you seek a serene escape or a lively coastal adventure, these beaches promise diverse landscapes and stunning views of the Bosphorus. Get ready to soak up the sun, embrace the refreshing waters, and immerse yourself in the captivating ambiance of Istanbul’s Asian beaches.

Beach Spots on the Asian Side of Istanbul and Nearby

Discover Istanbul Beaches: Beaches on the Asian Side

Şile Beaches

Şile Kızılca Köy Shore: One of Istanbul’s hidden paradises ‘discover istanbul beaches’, Kızılca Köy Shore, attracts visitors every weekend. It emerges as a frequently visited destination, especially during the summer months. Situated approximately 1.5 hours away from Istanbul, Şile becomes a popular spot for day-trippers. The sandy beach area stretches around 2 kilometers and offers amenities like restaurants and picnic areas. You can also rent sunbeds for a comfortable beach experience.

The shore provides facilities such as showers, changing cabins, and toilets, all available free of charge for those who rent sunbeds and umbrellas. However, please note that showers, toilets, and changing cabins come with a fee for those not renting sunbeds and umbrellas. Şile Kızılca Köy Shore is also favored for its breakfast options.

Şile Kızılca Köy Shore Location: https://goo.gl/maps/oj1uYFiixHYpLPa87


Sofular Beach: Located in Sofular Village, Şile, this beach offers free entry. It’s situated about 15 kilometers away from Şile’s center. The beach spans approximately 2300 meters, providing ample space to enjoy the sea and sun. Lifeguards are present at Sofular Village Beach. It also offers a unique experience for campers with tent campsites and parking spots for caravans just outside the beach area. Besides sunbeds and umbrellas, you can bring your own towels and umbrellas to have a delightful time at the beach.

Sofular Beach Location: https://goo.gl/maps/wWvq5xbK414z4e4B8


Hidden Cove Beach – Kabakoz: True to its name, Hidden Cove is a mysterious gem located in Kabakoz Village, a part of Şile. Kabakoz stands out with its large beach and numerous small coves. Situated around 70 kilometers away from Istanbul, it showcases an atmosphere shaped by both the locals and visitors. As a result, in addition to the beach, don’t miss the chance to explore the village and do some shopping.

The village showcases a mix of newly-built Şile houses and century-old wooden houses side by side, representing an architectural example of communal living. The neighborhood café under the plane tree is perfect for a coffee or tea break. Şile’s Hidden Cove offers both public and paid sections, catering to both day-trippers and couples.

Hidden Cove Beach – Kabakoz Location: https://goo.gl/maps/BPNBApBtVDn1AfBr8


How to Reach Hidden Cove Beach? Since this is private property, it belongs to an establishment. You can navigate a long dirt road and, after a bumpy journey, reach the cove. It’s designed with families in mind, so it’s advisable not to go alone.


Akçakese Beach – Akkaya Beach: Discover Istanbul Beaches, here is the beautiful Akkaya Beach. Known as Şile’s most beautiful shore, Akçakese Beach or Akkaya Beach is around 60 kilometers from Istanbul and 17 kilometers from Şile. Akçakese offers both paid and free establishments along the shore. You can enjoy watching the sunset with your coffee by bringing along a table and chair when you’re not visiting for the sea. The beach is divided into two sections at Akçakese Beach, with the public section being free. Although the depth remains constant up to a certain point, there are areas with sudden depth changes, indicated by warning signs, which should be avoided even by strong swimmers. While these areas could even pose a risk to experienced swimmers, it’s best to exercise caution. You can enjoy a safe swim and make the most of your time at Akkaya Beach’s secure area. Akçakese Beach is rich in camping spots. The area offers both paid and free camping facilities.

Akçakese Beach – Akkaya Beach Location: https://goo.gl/maps/t1jzn8esmfo25i8d6


İmrenli Village Beach: Another Istanbul beaches you can discover ‘Discover Istanbul Beaches on the Asian Side’. As you head east from Akçakese Beach, you’ll reach İmrenli Village Beach. This spot can be a bit busier compared to some other beaches in Şile. İmrenli Village Beach boasts clean water, no algae, and a beautiful sandy shore. The beach has both paid and free sections. Due to its relatively easier accessibility among the other bays, it’s one of the most preferred spots for swimming in Şile. There are many establishments catering to various budgets in İmrenli Village, making it a lively destination with plenty of restaurants and cafes. If you plan to visit during the summer weekends, be prepared for a lively crowd in Şile İmrenli Village.

İmrenli Village Beach Location: https://goo.gl/maps/B1pjEuSPq2MVnX8BA

Bosphorus Coast Istanbul Beaches

Exploring the beaches here while taking island tours, which are an integral part of Bosphorus cruise, will provide you with a unique Istanbul experience.

Discover Istanbul Beaches
Discover Istanbul Beaches

Poyrazköy Beaches: Poyrazköy, a peaceful and serene location, hosts both locals and visitors. With rocky and sandy sections, the beach welcomes those seeking tranquility. The small fishing town is a hidden gem, offering a variety of environments along its coast.

Poyrazköy Beaches Location: https://goo.gl/maps/mc8JBsYyHhJvVSf76


Prince’s Islands Beaches

Büyükada Beaches: Büyükada, the largest among the Prince’s Islands, is accessible by sea via ferries from both the European and Asian sides. With beaches like Aya Nikola and Halik Koyu, Büyükada has its share of visitors seeking sea and sun. Aya Nikola Beach is ideal for those looking for gentle waves, making it suitable for non-swimmers and families. Halik Koyu Beach, on the other hand, offers a serene and quiet atmosphere.

Büyükada Beaches Location: https://goo.gl/maps/FMLtWvrTUD1fJ3UZ8


Heybeliada Beaches: Heybeliada boasts vast greenery and attracts visitors year-round. Reaching the island is possible via ferry from both the European and Asian sides. Its clean beaches offer opportunities for swimming and relaxation. With various beach options, including spots for camping, Heybeliada is perfect for a relaxing escape.

These beach experiences in and around Istanbul offer a diverse range of options for anyone looking to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea. Whether you’re in the mood for a tranquil retreat, an energetic beach party, or a family-friendly day out, Istanbul’s beaches ‘Istanbul beaches’ have something for everyone.